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Would Poirot Wordle?

What’s the Wordle? Everyone, I have to tell you about my new obsession, Wordle. Have you heard of it? Have you played it yet? Every morning I sit down with my cup of coffee or tea and try to solve the Wordle of the day. It’s a puzzle game to solve the 5 letter word…

Snow Days of Mystery

“My chief dislikes are crowds, loud noises, gramophones and cinemas.” I feel a particular kindredship with Agatha Christie. I too dislike crowds and loud noises. I’m not much for listening to loud music and even before covid movie theaters were hit or miss for me. I find that too often the movie volume is much…

A Year with Agatha

New Year, same me.   I’ve always loved New Year’s Resolutions. I think it’s fun setting goals for the year and at the end, looking back at what you accomplished. 2021, I survived. New move, new job, a new, new job, and new covid.  It was a stressful year, and part of the year the…

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