“Supermarket” and the sadness of banana cream pie

“So this is how it feels to take a man’s life. Forced to kill for one’s own survival.”

“I looked down at the puddle of blood by my feet, locking eyes with my reflection. Florescent lights flickered overhead. How’d I get here? I was just a dude who worked at the grocery store. Now here I was, standing over a man I murdered.”

Flynn’s life is in shambles, he lives in a small, lonely town; his girlfriend dumped him because he wouldn’t finish anything he started; and he still lives with his mom. Flynn decides it’s time to move forward and gets a job at the local supermarket and meets Frank, and everything changes.

“Supermarket” was a book chosen for me by a local bookstore. During the quarantine lockdown, I ordered a curated book bundle where a staff member chose some books based on authors and books I said I liked and didn’t like. I did give the instruction that I was looking for murder mysteries that have a supernatural bent, and this was the first book from the bundle.

What I enjoyed about this book was it is presented in two parts and turning the page to part 2 is a very dramatic shift in the storyline. I preferred part 2 over the story set up in part 1. The story became more interesting and plot driven, while part 1 is more character driven. But the best part of the book is the very last line,

“and then he looked back up at Flynn, puzzled.”

I don’t want to ruin the end for you, but ultimately you, as the reader, aren’t sure where Flynn is and if his story has closure or not. It’s up to the reader.

Honestly, this wasn’t my favorite book, it’s a little outside of my preferred reading zone, but I did appreciate the unique way the story was presented. It makes you feel a little off balance as you learn more about Flynn’s reality and storyline. But I’ll emphasize again that if you do pick this up, keep going for part 2. It took me over a week to read part 1, but only a couple days for part 2.

3 stars

A few weeks ago, I made a banana cream pie at my boyfriend’s request for his birthday. I had never made one before, and I’m fairly sure I had never eaten one either. I’m not a huge pie fan and don’t make them very frequently. At the time, I wanted to use it for the blog, because it’s one less dessert I’d need to make and one less dessert we’d have to eat since I still can’t give stuff away. (Thanks Covid-19) I couldn’t think of any book that a pie, or bananas would work for, so I didn’t photograph it, and we quickly ate it all. Turns out banana cream pie is very tasty!

So, of course a week later I pick up “Supermarket” to read and one of the main characters, Frank is constantly eating what?  BANANAS!!!! What a wasted opportunity! I lamented over not picking up the book sooner! So instead I focused on one of my favorite scenes in which Flynn finds out his girlfriend had never had name brand cereal and never eaten Cap’n Crunch™, so he ends up buying every flavor so she could try them all! It was very sweet and inspired me to try Peanut Butter Crunch™ since I already had Cap’n Crunch with Crunchberries™. So with all the cereal love, I decided to use another super sugary cereal to make a rice krispie inspired treat…. Fruity Pebbles™! Below is the recipe I used and I’m sure these are delicious with any cereal.

Fruity Pebbles Rice Krispie Treats:


8 cups Fruity Pebbles or other cereal

6 Tbsp butter

1 bag marshmallows


Melt butter and marshmallows in medium saucepan. Stir in cereal. Spread out in a 9 x 13 buttered pan. Let cool and then enjoy!

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